Where the adventure begins.

The small seaside town of Gran Tarajal is strategically located and is the perfect spot to base your explorations. This old fishing town, which our nautical map indicates is in the Atlantic Ocean, on one of the “islas afortunadas” of the Canary Islands, is located on the island of Fuerteventura. In the days of the pirates, Fuerteventura was known as “Herbania” and it was ruled by two separate indigenous kingdoms. Ayoze, the king of the South, ruled the area now known as Jandía. The Maxorata regions of the North were governed by King Guize. The traditional fishing village of Gran Tarajal retains its time-honored fishing traditions. According to the coordinates of our compass, this small fishing village is located on the Southeast coast of the island of Fuerteventura.


 Gran Tarajal is a short sail away or a quick over-land journey from many popular destinations on the island. For example, it is located 40 nautical miles to the south of the Punta de Jandia (60km, 2h30’ for you landlubbers), where you can enjoy the pristine, wild beaches of Cofete. It is 28 km by land to the beaches of Costa Calma. The airport is only 40 nautical miles away as you travel in a Northernly direction. As you travel by land, through the center of the island up North, your 60 km journey will lead you to the spectacular North coast beaches of Corralejo. It is here on the North coast where you will wonder at the pristine-white, windswept sand dunes, as you look out onto the turquoise bathed waters of the horizon, and the mysterious Isla de Lobos (Wolf Island). When you travel into the heart of the island, just 25 km from Gran Tarajal, there lies the old capital of the island, Betancuria. This tiny village is known as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and houses the first cathedral on the Canary Islands. It provides a welcome refuge from the winds and waves and a chance to visit La Virgen de la Peña, Fuerteventura’s patron saint.